Guide Chapter: Multi-tenancy

This is a popular strategy for SaaS. Any chance we could get a Guide chapter on it?

Also, maybe functionality could be added so Apollo + Galaxy could solve some of this out of the box… that would be a big differentiator for MDG’s stack.

Here is what my research is turning up so far:


This is a great idea, I’ve had this discussion come up a million times when helping out people in the communty

If you have built a multi-tenant enterprise-level app before, then this might seem trivial. But for your average developer who hasn’t, this is confusing area.

Also, again, if Galaxy/Apollo could somehow help get some functionality for this out-of-the-box that entails best practices, then I can see using Galaxy/Apollo/Meteor for your enterprise SaaS app as a no-brainer. It looks like danjo has somethign for this:

Hi guys,

I am new to meteor and would be really thankful about how you guys are doing with your saas implementation?

The last framework I used (django) had a very elegant multitenant-solution
using subdomains and postgres schemas. So basically while programming your database-access you did not even have to think about tenants. The module would take care of this for you.

Did you guys have to go thru a lot of trouble implementing your secure saas environment?
What do you consider best practise?

I’d be happy to hear your feedback.

Also interested in some real details about this. I need to have a separate mongo database per tenant for my app similar to postgres schemas in theory and details out there have been sparse.