Handle 404 without using any router?


I am using angular-metoer and the angular package, and also using a custom router (angular-ui-router) in the client side.
I encounter a weird behavior with Meteor - any asset, file or content that I try to acces that does not exitst - redirects me to the main page, instead of return empty page with 404 status code.
This behavior causes sometimes to weird behaviors when using client side frameworks…

My question is:
Is there any way to make Meteor return 404 in case of a file that does not exists, instead of return the main page? without using any router, because I handle the routes by myself.



Have just stumbled across exactly the same behavior/problem. I’m using a libary called UI5 and it relies on 404 being returned if a file isn’t found so it can do its own fallback behavior. Would love to know how to change this meteor behavior.