Handle external library events inside Template

I am trying to handle external library (Kloudless) events inside my app template yet I am not sure what is the best way to add the library events to my app template. So far using the code below, I am always getting error:

 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'on' of null

Any thought what I might be doing wrong / missing here? Thanks for your time.

 var explorer = null;

 Template.formA.rendered = function(){
    explorer = window.Kloudless.explorer({
	    app_id: "API_KEY",
	    multiselect: true,
	    computer: true,
	   persist: "local",
	    services: ['all'],
	    display_backdrop: true,
	    create_folder: true,		    


explorer.on('success', function(files) {
     console.log('Successfully uploaded files: ', files);
explorer.on('cancel', function() {
  console.log('File selection cancelled.');

try registering your events within the template’s render function, not that im sure thats the best route

If I want register events, I would start
Template.formA.events …

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thx a lot for your prompt reply, do you mind providing me with a small example on how to register the event under the template render function? thanks

thx for your help but the event I am addressing here doesn’t match any of Template.events types, for example I am trying to register on.success event or on.finishFileUpload event, which I can’t figure out how to register those events under the Template.events…make sense? thx again

well, your explorer var is null apparently, so why not try to register the events within the template render function after you assign a valid thing to explorer? i know this is different from ensuring that the events you are registering callbacks for are observed by the template…which sounds equally as important :wink:

thx, adding them under template render solved it

glad to hear it works out :slight_smile: