if anyone can help I have deployed my application and the issue I have is while using the app and leaving it idle for a couple of minutes, in the console I get the error as shown in the screenshot I provided, looking around and found a lot of references to check Meteor.status() however, i can’t seem to figure out how do I catch that error that’s being displayed in the console, I see that this error shows just after meteor failed to reconnect and Meteor.status().status == 'waiting' but how exactly do I handle that error so it doesn’t show that error on the console?

I’ve seen this frequently with local development as well with one particular project but not with other projects on the same machine

in my development environment this does not happen though, just on production

I’m also seeing this in local development. The process still exists, but any connections to the service fail with connection refused.

I solved the issue by just downgrading my meteor project from to no more errors, I’m not sure why this is an issue, It would great to know why this has happened whether it’s a docker issue or meteor version issue.