Handling views in your package?

How are other developers handling the problem of making views for your package that do not force the user to use Blaze, React, or Angular?

Let’s say that I am writing a Gravatar package. I write the core functionality that lets other developers just call Gravatar.getByEmail(email). But then I decide I want to expose this as a view helper. If I want to have a Blaze helpers, I need to say that my package requires Blaze. Or if I want a React helper, I need to say that my app requires React.

To me there are only two options:

  1. Make it so that my package requires every framework that I want to write a view in; or,
  2. Move the view code to separate packages, creating a gravatar-core, gravatar-react, gravatar-blaze, etc

Any thoughts on this problem? Has this already been solved, or do we just consider it a non-issue?

IMHO just write the javascript part of it and let people figure out their individual needs for view logic.