Happy Hacktoberfest!

Happy Hacktoberfest!

In case you missed it, Digital Ocean are running Hacktoberfest again!
They’re giving away Hacktoberfest shirts to people that sign up and open at least 5 pull-requests in the month of October.

There are plenty of places where the Meteor docs (and guide) could use some love, and plenty of Meteor packages that could as well.
Contributions to your own projects count, as long as it’s public / open source and you’re creating a pull-request (not just committing to master)

Check out the Meteor issues and feature requests to see if anything strikes your fancy:


Yes, we’re halfway through the month, and I’m late to the party.
But work was quiet today so I finally got around to participating so added some docs and fixed some issues with simpl-schema :smiley:


Nice! This is a fun challenge! I guess it is time to do the little things that I put off. :laughing: