Happy New Year 2020!

:bell: Happy new year to you all! :tada: :fireworks: :champagne:

Best wishes for you all in all your endeavors!

2019 has been an interesting year for Meteor which saw the creation of Meteor Community Packages and acquisition by Tiny which lead to a lot of new activity.

Even in these closing hours of 2019 there has been work going on. It looks like a performance regression in 1.9 has been fixed making it ready for release as the first thing in 2020 and there are other things that are close to done. Looks like 2020 will start with a nice bang!

A lot of things are planned for 2020. Here is to making them all happen and more! :clinking_glasses:

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Happy New Decade!

Thank you @storyteller and all for your efforts! With a hand on my heart, I can say that the future of Meteor looks bright to me. Among the very different feelings and thoughts from 2019, there is one with which I stay in the new year: something very positive is happening.

I would also like to thank our entire community. Iā€™m happy to consider myself a small part of it, and this consideration has suddenly become very important in 2019.