Happy New Year! Meteor 1.12.1 beta is out

Hey all, Happy New Year.

Meteor 1.12.1 beta is out.

Please give it a try in your app.


  • Upgrade to Node.js 12.20.1 release notes
  • Fixes problem on IE because of modern syntax on dynamic-import introduced in Meteor 1.12.

To update your app:
meteor update --release 1.12.1-beta.2

The final version is coming out this week. Please provide feedback.

2021 is going to be amazing! Pretty soon we are going to have free deploy back and with MongoDB included on Galaxy.

As I said in my talk at Impact 2020, we are going to have more features in the Meteor framework as well, focusing on bringing back the joy of creating apps with Meteor.

See you!


Wow. That’s amazing, especially for community package demos. Love this! Happy New Year from Germany!


Looking forward to it. Testing now with my personal projects.

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Wow. That’s amazing, especially for community package demos.

That was exactly my first thought, too! That was also part of this magic to me back then, when I searched for a package and boom an immediate fully running DEMO to discover the package’s functionality.

Client-only packages could easily leverage the npm package meteor-build-client and use GitHub docs but if your package involves any server code then you will have to use some server and now it’s possible again.


Updated to 1.12.1 without problems. Thanks


Would be happy to see glorious return of x.meteor.com projects.

Would it be possible for all of them running different versions of Meteor?

Haaaaapppyyyy new yyyyeaaar 2021… :-). Especially good health in Covid time.

Well, not it is going to be xxx.meteorapp.com

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