Hardware requirements for VPS running a Meteor

I’m wondering, as far as VPS specs, what is sufficient for a Meteor-based website? I know the answer depends on what the app does, how much traffic, etc. But what’s a good starting point for something that’s basically just a set of templates with a collection or two, and maybe 400 users per month? 256MB RAM? 512MB? How many cores? Is there some way I can gauge what I need? (my gut tells me running a VirtualBox instance of Ubuntu Server might be a good start)


I’m running small apps with modest traffic just fine on 512MB DO boxes (CentOS 7)

So 256MB might be too low, I’m guessing. :wink:

I’d say that depends on your OS.

Get a VPS with ram is around 1-2 GB. No more than that.
Meteor is CPU intensive. So, think that when selecting instances.
Meteor can work with multiple cores with ‘meteorhacks:cluster’ package.

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So 1GB then, is what I’ll shoot for initially. I can scale it from there quite easily.

Wondering if I need to use a service like Modulus.io at all.

Using modulus.io is great if you don’t need to manage servers your own.

Don’t need to or don’t want to? How much management/maintenance does a Meteor app running on a VPS need? Once we use MUP to deploy, are there any good tools we should be using to maintain the Node.js server to keep it up and running?

Mup will take care of those stuffs once setup. Only diff. is to scale you need to create servers and setup again manually.

You can use Kadira to monitor the server.

You might try 1GB at Vultr for a cheaper instance and better performance, plenty spec to experiment around with.


iwStack by Prometeus too, if you like to pay by the hour (quite cheap too). From my research, the owner, brother Salvatore is quite helpful and knows his stuff. I can’t say the same for some of the BPO staff, but hey, it’s an unmanaged Cloud service.

RamNode is great too, but Vultr… man those prices are nice. Will have to look into this.

The advantage of RamNode over Vultr and DO is that their 1GB RAM VPS is 2-core, and DO’s and Vultr’s is just 1-core at the same price point. Though with RamNode, you pay the monthly fee up front, there is no hourly billing.

And Ubuntu 14.04 vs Debian 7, does that matter?

I have been using Prometeus for over 4 years. They aren’t a big outfit so they are very personal in their service. They have had their failures over the years, so do not look to them for really high availability, you aren’t paying for that. The bottom line is – I have been delighted with the high level of service for surprisingly low prices.

Please be aware that OpenVZ and Node.js can be incompatible, something to do with memory management, since OpenVZ is really only partial visualization. It depends on the age of OpenVZ, but your hosting service controls that, not you.

OpenVZ and Java also have issues.

I have had no such problems with KVM.

Not sure, unless you give a try to analyse their performance, you can’t just looks at their specification, sometime networks can be a bottleneck. Here the starting point:

I’ve tried the small instance from Digital Ocean (with 512MB RAM).
This goes well for some hours but then i got out of memory.
Switching to the next instance (1GB RAM) seems good for my small application.
It runs now in production since many weeks.

Another one said to be good is EcoVPS

I’m having memory issues on Digitalocean using a 1GB droplet