Has anyone achieved Facebook login with iOS yet? Bounty 100 stack overflow points


Stack overflow bounty link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39936777/meteor-1-3-accounts-facebook-login-for-ios-not-working/39942361?noredirect=1#comment67194872_39942361

I tried several months times ago to login with Facebook on a mobile iOS device using the accounts ui package. But had to abandon Meteor as I could not find a solution after posting a github issues, and searching the net to only find people with the similar issue.

I want to try again for an upcoming project, but would like to know if this has been achieved this first.


I will give you all my Stack Overflow (Only 149, but still its all I got) points for anyone who can answer this. And buy you coffee…


Hello @nicholasbydesign ,

In My Application, we have login functionality with facebook and twitter. we are using accounts package for that which are listed in given URL.

as mentioned in documentation we have used Meteor.loginWithFacebook function to login.

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So, a few questions:
Are you doing this with a native app, React Native, or Cordova?

  • For a native app or React Native, you’ll need to write a custom login handler.

  • There are very detailed instructions on how to do it with React Native here.

  • You can easily adapt these instructions for a native app (Objective-C or Swift) by doing exactly the same thing on the Meteor side of things. On your iOS client, you’ll use the Facebook iOS SDK to obtain a login token and then you’ll pass the token to your login handler with a method call.

  • Cordova should work with Meteor Accounts.

It sounds daunting, but it’s really not as hard as it seems.


USB there a way I can check out the app in the App Store? Also is the app running on Meteor 1.3 or hirgher ?

For most the cases I have ran into 1.2 and below work well while the opposite hasn’t.


It’s just plain Meteor with Cordova , worked fine in 1.2 and below. 1.3 and higher is when all the issues began.


100 point bounty on stackoverflow , if I can get a solve to this issue


The post has 4 hours left until the bounty end and has gained quite a bit of traction in up votes for needing an answer.


Throwing in the towel and trying a different platform. I’ve exhausted every option and tutorial.


In case I didn’t ever try to develop apps for cordova, I may not know something platform related, but isn’t it a weird decision to cancel entire stack just of some kind of problem related to a single method? I mean, have you tried http://docs.meteor.com/api/accounts.html#Meteor-loginWith to manually re-create same functionality. Or if that’s the case even ignore entire meteor functionality and make own authorization method?

I dived into SO thread, but you didn’t give any actual information so that people who didn’t experience that problem could help you. In case you gave no idea of how your app works outside of simulation(real iphone), when does it break(log-in process/validation/storing?), is that a problem of accounts/meteor/mongo/cookie, what have you tried except for recovering initial way to authorize.

Not complaining, just curious.
Its rare to see people reject their entire stack just because of method that seems to be a simple boilerplate.


I’m not throwing Meteor away completely. It’s my fav stack. Just for this particular instance, because it’s failing to provide a clear solution for my problem.

Above here is a GitHub link which tries to explain. However there is no real “error”. Just no result. Im not the only one, it’s been a terrible journey since 1.3+


It’s should also go to note, I’d be willing to give monetary compensation for a laid out to tutorial that leads to Facebook login for iOS that works.

But my project has to move on, thus the throwing in the towel statement.