Has anyone any experience debugging server connectivity between Android apps and modulus?

I’m deploying to modulus.io using modulus deploy.

The web app works as expected.

However, the android application fails to connect to the server and I get a bunch of cors errors. These may or may not be important as it seems the ROOT_URL env var isn’t being picked up/set correctly so that the apps requests appear to be coming from localhost:3000

ROOT_URL is specified in the modulus server administration.

Sample CORS error… retrieved from inspecting a Genymotion virtual device pointing at the live server with --mobile-server. Using Meteor 1.3

"XMLHttpRequest cannot load my.server.address/sockjs/info?cb=89f86firjs. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://localhost:12664’ is therefore not allowed access. "

In one of my apps I solved the ROOT_URL thing by also passing
DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL=https://www.mystuff.com:443 to the build

Seems a lot like duplication, but I read this somewhere and it worked for that app.

The CORS thing has often caused me headaches, but in the end all you should need is a mobile-config.js with the line:

If that works, you can later get more restrictive with your App.accessRule

Awesome thanks. I’ll try that!

edit: Yes… The accessRule seemed to sort out my cors errors alright