Has anyone tested React v15.0 and Meteor 1.3?

Facebook has announced React v15.0 release candidate. Has anyone tested it with Meteor 1.3? Does MDG have an official position on support for React v15.0? Thanks!

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Well, the basic stuff seems to work. Just created a test project and included the React v15.0 rc1 packages. No errors yet.

I tried it (via npm) and it worked. No issues here.

I think using npm is the way to go, MDG shouldn’t be responsible to pack every release.


With 1.3, NPM will be the way to go.

Thanks for the info!

React 15 looking great! Weill definitely be trying it out soon.

So the MDG recommendation from 1.3 on is get React direct from npm, rather than using the react meteor package (as @sscaff1 rightly said).

You should then be fine to use whatever version of React you choose, with, I guess, the caveat that major changes could upset the react mixin. However, that’s going away too ultimately. More info in the guide: http://guide.meteor.com/v1.3/react.html