Has anyone used Foundation for Apps with Meteor?


I just discovered Foundation for Apps and think it’s a pretty neat UI framework for building prototypes of web apps. However it seems to be created to work with Angular like Ionic Framework. There is a package on atmosphere, but without much documentation or examples.

My question is has anyone used Foundation for Apps with Meteor? If so, could you share the experience with us?


I wish someone would build a great mobile-ish CSS framework on top of meteor! all these things that have angular glommed in are a pain.

I’m using meteoric:ionic which is a lot of work to create the “extract and replace” and it’s always going to be behind the main ionic…


I think it is not worth it if we can use only the CSS part…
Foundation for Apps is great, but with Angular :wink:

It will be interesting if someone could integrate front-matter-like settings with Meteor… :wink:

More info about porting Foundation for Apps: https://github.com/zurb/foundation-apps/wiki/Contributing#ports-to-other-frameworks


I’m a front-end dev and I was a very early adopter of Foundation when it came out many years ago. I’m building a web app in the healthcare market and was very excited about Foundation for Apps. From a front-end perspective, I think their email app template solves a big problem in responsive design. (certainly did in my case).

But as is the case with all Zurb frameworks, once you start to dig deeper, you realise there is more hype than substance. The code is verbose, not optimized, and requires alot of customization to build something production-worthy. And i’m only referring to the SASS files.

In the end, the deciding factors against Foundation for Apps was that it is still a young framework. Foundation (imho) wasn’t truly a great front-end framework until it hit v5, and I suspect FOA will require a few version bumps as well.

Secondly, as juliancwirko mentioned, a port will always be a step behind the official version. Zurb won’t take the needs of Meteor users into consideration in their design decisions.

Lastly, we had no data on the adoption rate of FOA (to be fair, it only came out a year ago), which makes the likelihood that an active and engaged community will continue to update a port is unlikely.


I’m keeping track of all the options for F/E frameworks here:

The question that keeps giving me SO points as I think everyone has the same question!


Also interested. I’m primarily interested in the flex box grid. Will try to use it standalone and see if there are any dependency issues.

That said, if anyone has used another flexbox grid framework i’d be very interested to hear your experience :smile:


If anyone is curious, you can in fact use the foundation for apps flexbox grid without angular. I’ve also tested that you can use the off canvas menu without angular. However the panel needs a bit more work via custom media queries to replace the transition functionality that they have embedded in the panel direction. All that said, i think the grid in isolation has value for meteor.


Hey, if you want to use only flexbox grid, you can try http://s-grid.meteor.com . Let me know what you think.


Nice work. I’d try it if it was sass. I have way too many technologies at play to adopt another. If i ever go with stylus i’ll be sure to try it out.


the meteor sass packages kind of blow, whereas stylus works great. maybe worth switching!


Has anyone made progress getting Foundation 6 to work? I’m seeing mixed results and many errors just trying to new up Foundation objects. I’m hoping someone has worked it out by now…