Has anyone used Komodo IDE for Meteor

I refer to this IDE: http://komodoide.com/

Has anyone used it for server side debugging with Meteor? It lists support for Javascript and node.js but doesn’t explicitly state Meteor

Webstorm supports Meteor out of the box :wink:

LOL, WebStorm fix to fix debugging problems has made things worse, see here: Debugging not working for Meteor 1.2 apps in Webstorm?

That’s why I’m looking for an alternative.

This thread is not about Komodo vs other IDE, I’m only asking if someone has experience with them (with Meteor).


well I don’t even develop on my desktop anymore :stuck_out_tongue: everything is done on the cloud! c9.io for me :wink: a lot of projects and terminals opened and saved at their state and never have to worry about losing them!

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I’m using komodo edit now, no special meteor features, but I like everything else about komodo so I deal with the fact that it doesn’t recognize meteor specific stuff like templates and shows me errors. there’s probably a way to import meteor stuff into it but I haven’t dug around

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Trying it out now however after an initial clone it doesn’t seem to recognize that I used my local IDE and committed something new. Shouldn’t it just pull it automatically?

Highjacking this thread a bit (as the OP I might be allowed), can Cloud9 do the following @capensisma :

  • have two apps running locally at the same time, one at port 3000 and one at port 4000?
  • are these two apps able to connect to each other though they are probably in different dockers?
  • what about refactoring? One of the strong points of WebStorm?

How does Cloud 9 compares in general vs WebStorm (which is still the best IDE for Meteor for me)?