Has anyone used RTCMultiConnection?

Has anyone used RTCMultiConnection?
Can you help me how to use in meteor?

Yeah, we are using it. I guess you have a problem to include it, because it will break your app.

Here is our current solution:

I have to say that this is the way for a Meteor 1.2 app, but it should probably also work with Meteor 1.3.

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Thank you @XTA,

It looks great.
Can you suggest a way to use it in meteor local application.
Is there any tool/plugin to use it directly in my application?
Is it prepared for Meteor only?
I have to install that plugin and run in another port and hit it through my application?
I am new to meteor, Could you help me to lead it.
Can you provide any basic link/doc which provides info about using of RTCMultiConnection in meteor.

Here is a simple repo how you can add RTCMultiConnection within your Meteor project.

You can use RTCMultiConnection on every website project which uses Javascript, so it isn’t Meteor only. For documentation you can use the main RTCMultiConnection docs or the demos.

Thank you @XTA,

It is really helpful for me.

Hi @XTA,

I tried to run your application, it asked me to run “meteor npm install --save rtcmulticonnection-v3”.

I installed it and run it without any issues and able to hit also.

And I am able to hit “https://rtcmulticonnection.herokuapp.com/” with the help of “https://locahost:9001” and able to utilize app’s features and read doc also.

But can’t understand how to use app’s features(audio,video and screen sharing) in to my meteor application.

Is there any link or doc which will make understand?

Or can you provide your app’s sample code to implement.

Please don’t feel irritation, I know you did lot for me by creating app in Git Hub and given explanation also. I really feel glad for it.

@XTA ,
Correct me If I am wrong.
I understood, need to call API’s methods only right to get it’s features.
With your application, you created connection object, by using that object i can call the methods.

I’ve updated the repo.

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Hi @XTA,

I got exception while using Firefox.
one peer video is getting opened, but another peer can connect but can’t get video.
In Chrome it is working fine.
Can you look in to it.
And if I want just audio, I made remaining properties as false, but not considering it.
I have created issue in github.

Are you two in a different network? Firefox shows that some methods with prefixes are deprecated and will be removed in further versions - but they should still work for the moment.