Has anyone written stripe integration for their app?


Has anyone written stripe integration for their app (not a package, but methods and event listening, etc.)? I’m looking for an open source app that I can fork for my own Stripe integration or at least look at to get me moving in the right direction. Thanks


I know that Danimal from dominusgame.net uses stripe, his project is all open source.

edit: github link


have you read this?



You may find some useful Stripe-related repos here as well:


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


This could be a good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAt_dL7v1Zo


Thanks @slava I’ll take a look at this.


Thanks, I’ll take a look at these.


@tomsp not yet, but I will. Thanks


Thanks, I’ll check it out.


Looking at the source I think he is using this package.
Documentation looks pretty simple.


I sent your example to Stripe to ask them to use it on their examples page. Your walkthrough has been very helpful. Thank you.


Thanks, I really appreciate that! Good to hear it was helpful.


Not sure I see where stripe is used for this game/github link, which I think is actually: https://github.com/dan335/dominus-packages


I also wrote this into my app. https://github.com/c316/give


Make sure to use the official NPM Stripe package. Any Meteor Stripe package that you find wrap an old version of the Stripe API. I experienced that myself the hard way…


That is pretty awesome. I looked through the code to try and find up setup for Stripe. It is a pretty impressive application you have.

I didn’t see where Stripe was imported, just I saw it used with setpublic or privatekey. After that, is that all that is necessary? Is there a really short Stub that you could show me that shows how to set it up and one simple charge function or something?

Really awesome library. I will keep perusing the code to see if I can figure it out.


Thanks for the compliment.

Stirpe is required in the /server/lib/globals.js file.

This is the server side. For the client side just use a normal HTML tag in your app.html file.

My app might not be the best source to try to find a simple use case. This was my first real world thing I wrote and it is pretty large. It also has integrations with other services mixed in. Stripe has good docs and some good examples. I’d recommend looking at @themeteorchef. He wrote a guide that Stripe uses on their docs site as an example for Stripe/Meteor integration.



Anyone playing with integrating Stripe is going to want to use this: https://ngrok.com/. It’s a great little service that lets Stripe send webhooks to your Meteor server running on localhost. Extremely useful for testing.


I would agree, and if you want to be able to play back even better you can tie runscope.com into ngrok.