Has someone tried to implement Siri commands in his APP?

I googled a bit, but I couldnt find too much information. Im also an android user, so I dont even know how far you can implement your App into Siri. I just found the Siri Part in Capabilities. I couldnt find a package for meteor, and only some minor stuff for node. Has anyone done this before, if so how? If not, do you have any ideas, how it could work?

Did you get anything to work?

I just used https://github.com/bluedesign/speech-recognition-feat-siri which allows you to use Siri to get speech to text in app. It’s great!!!

That said, I’d like to use a “Hey Siri” command to start the conversation with the app… anyone done anything like that yet?

I’ve started looking at https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/Intents/Conceptual/SiriIntegrationGuide/CreatingtheIntentsExtension.html but given this is Cordova, I am not sure what the best approach is… as I don’t normally modify Cordova project (which is generated by MeteorJS)?