HashBang show: Ben Newman of MDG interview!

We launched a new JavaScript interview podcast/show!

In this episode @rdickert and I talk with @benjamn of MDG about what a modern JS environment looks like, and how Meteor is evolving into that.

Listen/watch on YouTube or subscribe to the audio podcast at hashbangshow.okgrow.com (coming soon to iTunes).


Very exciting! Ben has a lot of insights into this stuff, can’t wait to listen.

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This was indeed amazing! Wow - we take for granted how Meteor is powered by such a strong team! We got so used to develop, build and deploy with no hiccups … we forget how much work and ingenuity it took to make it so ‘simple’

It’s also heart warming to hear that Galaxy is doing well and that development on Meteor is continuing strong! Go go go …


We’re going as fast as we can to produce more heartwarming content like this! However working with contributors and improving Meteor is the top priority so we haven’t done as much as we could be yet. But I’m on it :]


Hello @pauldowman,

I would like to thank you for such efforts that you put into these shows, it is such a quality. I love the transmission podcast, and i love the new HashBang podcast !

Thanks again


Indeed, I had a mental note to come back to this forum post and thank you @pauldowman, you managed the podcast really well, focused on key items. Well done.


Thanks for the kind words. Thanks to co-host @rdickert and of course to @benjamn. :slight_smile: