Have anyone use SQL DB (Postgres, MySql) in Meteor?

Have anyone use SQL DB (Postgres, MySql) in Meteor?

My would like to try to build Backing System.
I thinks that SQL DB is good for this type system.
What do you thinks?

Could your share experience?

Not as primary database. Reading and writing to a third party applications database with node-mssql.

ApolloGraphQL, also from MDG, is a widely-used way to connect any app to SQL databases. It works well with Meteor. It supports client caching of data retrieved from the server, optimistic UI, easy re-fetching, and includes integrations with React.

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thanks for all reply.
@vikr00001, We could use Mongo with SQL DB by Apollo (Multi DB).
Example: We use Mongo for User account, ... or Reactive Collection, and use SQL DB for other collections

Hi all, Mongo is good db for Backing, financial system or not???

  • Decimal number storage
  • Large data
  • Performance
  • Muti users login on the same time

Did you try searching the forums for MySQL or Postgres before asking this question?

vlasky:mysql is a MySQL integration with Meteor that supports livedata and reactivity. It is stable, perfomant and is being used in a number of enterprise Webapps.


thanks for your advise

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