Have experience writing production mobile apps in Meteor? Help with the Meteor Guide!

Hi Meteor mobile app developers!

I’m working on the Meteor Guide, and we need a section about how to get the most out of Meteor’s mobile app functionality. If you have experience in this area, please drop a comment on the GitHub issue below and tell us about some of your tips!

In particular, here are some starter topics we’re interested in covering:

  1. How to set up your development environment for Android and iOS
  2. How to enable mobile debugging, logging, testing
  3. How to optimize your user experience on mobile to make your app feel smooth and usable
  4. How to use native mobile features through Cordova plugins
  5. How to add push notifications, intents, and other mobile operating system integrations
  6. How to use hot code push effectively to update your app outside of the normal app store review process while maintaining a great user experience