Have two Accounts System?[solved]

I am just wondering , and I have been searching for how. Is it possible to have another accounts system in the same app .e.g Artists.createUser() and default Accounts.createUser().

NB: They will be different login/signup forms.

If possible which constructor do I have to call to create a new one(i.e make Artists an account instance ). or how else?
or impossible in the same app?

Thoughts please

I might be answering myself

import {AccountsClient} from "./accounts_client.js";
import {AccountsTest} from "./url_client.js";
import "./localstorage_token.js";

 * @namespace Accounts
 * @summary The namespace for all client-side accounts-related methods.
Accounts = new AccountsClient();

That was from github…

So I believe
Artist = new AccountsClient()
should be fine

Thoughts?? :cold_sweat::joy:

The docs should stop confusing people , what the hell is

new AccountsCommon

… it was never called, twas just extended .

now that is very misleading