Have you used meteor-desktop to distribute an app on the Mac App Store?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get electron-builder, meteor-desktop and the like to work together to distribute an app to the Mac App Store.

I’ve run into some issues around configuring the build settings, maybe it’s a bug, maybe not, but thankfully, @omega has been very helpful in trying to figure it out.

However, with the number of downloads the package has, I’m sure someone else has overcome this challenge, and I’m wondering if they could chime in to help us figure out the right way to approach this.

Currently, I’ve added my Apple certificates to the project root, as well as ./build and .desktop/build, just to be safe. I’ve configured my build script to only target mas, as shown below:

 "builderOptions": {
        "icon": ".desktop/assets/meteor.icns",
        "appId": "com.apple.app",
        "productName": "My Meteor App",
        "compression": "store",
        "publish": [
                "provider": "generic",
                "url": ""
        "mac": {
            "icon": ".desktop/assets/meteor.icns",
            "category": "public.app-category.productivity",
            "entitlements": "./build/entitlements.mac.plist",
            "target": []
        "mas": {
            "type": "distribution",
            "category": "public.app-category.productivity",
            "entitlements": ".desktop/build/entitlements.mas.plist",
            "icon": ".desktop/assets/meteor.icns"

It builds, but it does not seem to be using the provisioning_profile, and I don’t have the knowledge to know what it has built actually :joy:it would be great if someone could share how they did it.

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