Having issies with new project, Meteor.loginWithPassword not working?

So I’m opening a new project and basing it off another project of mine. I added the same packages as the original, and I’ve copied the client/server/import folders. It’s effectively a copy of an already working project. Should be all on the same page.

But for some reason, I’m not able to login in in the new app? accounts-password has been added. The user account has been created with createUser on the server. But when I call Meteor.loginWithPassword, just nothing. Callback is undefined?

Any ideas what might be causing this? There’s a minor difference in versions (original project is 2.7.1 new one is 2.7.3). Aside from that difference, I’m stumped as to why things aren’t working in the new project?

Hard to say without any code or specifics. Double check your settings if they are not set differently.
When you look into the DB do you see the user created?

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it may be some missing configuration, as @storyteller said, without any code or specifics is really hard to say