Having trouble getting user documents from remote DDP server

I’m trying to connect to a remote DDP server from a client. I can retrieve other collection data fine, except for the Meteor.users collection.

I have some sample projects that illustrate my problem.


  • run on port 3000 meteor -p 3000
  • The server should have some docs auto populated when you start it up.


  • run on port 5005 meteor -p 5005
  • I can successfully pull the Things collection data properly, and the button properly adds a new Thing to the remote database.
  • Try logging in with username test and password 1. Open the logs and you’ll see that you logged in successfully, but there’s no user object.


After logging in this is what I get

  • Meteor.userId() works as before and returns the logged in userId.
  • Meteor.user() returns undefined.


const userId = Meteor.userId();
const user = Meteor.users.findOne(userId) // returns the proper user object.

Also, Meteor Toys shows 2 collections named users, both empty.

Is this the proper behaviour?

Have you had any luck with this?

I’m having the same issue, I can suscribe to remote data but not to data on the users collection.

Any help is appreciated