Having trouble with Meteor's environment vars

I want to make a Makefile. I am using shell.js

var METEOR_COMMAND = process.platform === 'win32' ? 'meteor.bat' : 'meteor';
var METEOR_PATH = path.join(__dirname, 'meteor');

target.bundle = function (deviceId, url) {
  console.log('Build for OS: ' + process.platform + process.arch);

  var settings = JSON.stringify({ public: { deviceId: deviceId, url: url } });
  var environ = "NODE_ENV=production METEOR_SETTINGS='" + settings + "'"; 
  var options = "--once";

  return exec(environ + " " + METEOR_COMMAND + " " + options);

When I console.log my process.env.NODE_ENV within my Meteor.startup, it consistently says “development” despite passing “production” explicitly.

What’s the deal? Anyone experience this?

Why would you want to set it to production? The Meteor command line tool sets it to development.

It’s, to be honest, a pretty hacky work around to make it build an electron app, can’t find any better way

Ok. The Meteor app is started by the .meteor/local/build/main.js file. If you execute this file, NODE_ENV is production by default already. You wouldn’t want to run your production app with meteor run.