Having trouble with responsive buttons on mobile

I’ve done quite a bit of searching for how to make buttons responsive on web apps, but I’m still finding that there are some built in delays I’ve been unable to get rid of. I’ve turned off user-scalable with . I’m using onMouseDown event for the actual input, I’ve also tried touchStart. I can’t seem to get rid of what appears to be a 200-300 ms delay before the button actually fires. This delay is causing me some usability issues I’d love to get rid of if I can.

Does anyone have some tips or pointer to some bit of information I haven’t been able to locate that might help me fix this?

Sounds like an issue with fastclick? However, according to the docs here, this package should be included in all cordova Meteor projects.

I forgot to mention, I do have fastclick package installed. It does not solve the problem.

For me it works fine, just using the click event with fastclick installed, nothing more than that.
Try experimenting with a new empty project maybe.

Does your button fire as soon as the finger touches the button? Or does it wait for the finger to lift off the button?

I’m trying to get the former behavior. It fires as soon as I lift the button, but if the finger does not lift, it will not fire short of 200-300 ms.

It only triggers on leave. But it’s without the usual 200 ms delay, Fastclick definitely made a noticeable improvement.

Hmm, there’s no mention of mousedown here, I think it only improves the click event.

Sounds like I already have what it provides. I’m looking for a bit more though. Any other resources out there for triggering a mouseDown or touchStart type event. I’m assuming I also need a non-scrolling window - which I have. But… No joy so far.