Headless CMS venture

Hey all,

So I’ve been working on and obtained some customers for a cloud based web app and content management system. I have a current system set up that will ideally run 3+ ec2 instances per company. One+ being the front facing customer site/app, one the DB, and one the customer console and backup server.

I’ve been basically engineering this and coding it all while teaching myself JavaScript. I’ve gotten what I feel is a considerable amount accomplished, but I definitely need help. I continue to learn best practices and ways to do thing, and wish I had someone who could review my code and provide guidance from an experienced devs perspective.

My Question is, is there a standard for something like this? Would anyone on here be up for something like that? I of course am willing to pay.

Thus far I’ve built 4 sites on this system, that are currently running. Some of the apps are, an attendance taking app, student enrollment/scheduling portal for parents, blog and mailing list feature with publishing and scheduling, the bare bones to an e-commerce platform.

Looking for anyone experienced in meteor/aws/node/nginx who would be able to provide some consultation or even collaboration.