Heads up, we’re deleting unused apps from meteor.com (our free hosting)

TL;DR: Apps on Meteor’s free hosting tier that have not had any activity in the last 6 months will be deleted on December 7. You can prevent an app from being deleted by simply accessing it from your browser.

As part of our preparation to transition the free hosting from its existing platform to the Galaxy free tier, we want to clean up abandoned apps while leaving active apps alone. As a first cut at this, on December 7 we will delete any app that hasn’t seen any activity at all in the last 6 months. This policy will also apply to future apps, so you should expect that any app that not accessed for a 6 month period may be removed.

If you have an app that is important to you, the only thing you need to do to keep it alive is access it from your browser. If we see any activity on that site, we’ll leave it alone. Deploying a site also counts as access. If your app gets deleted, you can of course redeploy from your codebase, but any data in your database will be permanently lost.

Thanks for your help as we upgrade our infrastructure.


Hi there. What do you mean Galaxy free tier? Is this available yet?
I’m still trying to find a way to host my little app other than on Heroku or your paid hosting (I’m on Godaddy actually)

Cool thanks for the update!

Perhaps (definitely!) OT, but there are a lot of defunct packages on the package repo … could candidates be identified in a similar manner for partitioning off into another area which doesn’t clutter the active stuff when searching atmosphere? I appreciate that someone, somewhere may still love them, but the dross is confusing and annoying at best.

Is there a way for the user (developer) themselves to remove their app on the free hosting site if is no longer required?

Yes, meteor deploy --delete yourapp.meteor.com

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No, the Galaxy free tier is not available yet, but stay tuned.

What about if you cannot remember the names of the apps deployed?

apply “meteor list” to display all packages used.

You can use meteor list-sites to see the sites you have authorization to deploy to – with a caveat. I don’t believe it will list sites that were last deployed before 0.7.1 (Feb 2014) - which is when the Meteor accounts system was introduced. Sites that were originally deployed prior to 0.7.1 but that have since been deployed again should be listed, though. BTW, there are instructions for claiming old (pre meteor dev acct system) sites under “Claiming legacy sites” in this blog post.


We are now one week away from deleting old apps from the free hosting. Please make sure you’ve accessed any old apps you don’t want deleted!

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Again, unused apps will be deleted on Monday (Dec 7). Please make sure you’ve accessed any websites you want to keep with your browser - if it has been accessed in the last 6 months, we won’t delete it. You can check what sites you and any organizations you belong to have deployed since Feb 2014 with meteor list-sites.