Hello, boys and girls, I'm from China, now I have a question, I hope you help me!


I want to pack Android APP,I input “ meteor install-sdk android
” Appear
✓ Found Android bundle
✓ A JDK is installed
✓ Found Android Platform tools
✓ Found Android Build Tools
✓ Found Android 19 API
✓ Found suitable Android x86 image
✓ ‘meteor’ android virtual device (AVD) found
✗ Android emulator acceleration is not installed
(The Android emulator will be very slow without acceleration)
Platform requirements not yet met
海外的华人大家好,我是中国的学生,我们最近在利用meteor做项目,我打包安卓app的时候,在linux系统的下我输入meteor install-sdk android
最后报了✗ Android emulator acceleration is not installed 的错误,小弟我实在无法解决,求大神指导!!!!


my qq is 639293382 help me


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