Hello everyone i am new to meteorJs and trying build an android app but i keep getting i need help urgently

WARNING: Attempting to install plugin cordova-plugin-camera@2.1.1, but it should have a minimum version of 2.3.1
to ensure compatibility with the current platform versions. Installing the minimum version for
convenience, but you should adjust your dependencies.
Subproject Path: CordovaLibns /
Subproject Path: CordovaLibns [ ] 0% 0.0s
Subproject Path: CordovaLibns [========= ] 37% 142.6s
%% support for subdirectories is deprecated and will be removed in Cordova@7
=> Errors executing Cordova commands:

While adding plugin
https://github.com/westonganger/cordova-plugin-camera-preview.git#373de05dbe2576da0d4bb3a17151e1200aa22ffd to
Cordova project:
Cordova error: Failed to fetch plugin https://github.com/westonganger/cordova-plugin-camera-preview.git via
Either there is a connection problems, or plugin spec is incorrect:
Error: “git” command line tool is not installed: make sure it is accessible on your PATH.
(If the error message contains suggestions for a fix, note that this may not apply to the Meteor integration.
You can try running again with the --verbose option to help diagnose the issue.)

throw error;

could this be the problem?