Help adding new library into Meteor app (Javascript) card.js

Hi, I am trying to add thi library so that users can input credit card information ( but I just can’t make it work, I tried already to import the jQuery jquery.card.js in many different ways, but I always get the error that undefined is not a function when I try to run

    // a selector or DOM element for the container
    // where you want the card to appear
    container: '.card-wrapper', // *required*

    // all of the other options from above

Can somebody please explain to me the best way to add this library to my Meteor app? Thanks!

First, check if this library in on Atmosphere.js and if it is then you can add it as meteor add name:package

if not then you can do the following which I do with my projects:

  1. Place the jquery.card.js in /client/compatibility or client/lib folder. You can then add your code

    in Template.body.onCreated or in ‘Template.body.onRendered’

Hope this helps.

Thanks you so much, I was looking all the weekend for a way to make this work, and Template.body.onRendered made it work perfectly!

If jquery.card.js is a properly maintained jQuery plugin that others might want to use, you might consider publishing it as a Meteor package.

I put together a boilerplate / starter-kit to help make packaging jQuery plugins clear, easy and simple. I’d love to get feedback on it to improve it :

fliptext package and fliptext-demo