[help] deploy meteor app

I have a multiplayer bingo game which I made and im hosting it over Modulus. After uploading the project to Modulus and installing their MongoDB for my project, the multiplayer game works good over the browser, BUT, when I tried to meteor build the game and get the android .apk file to install over my Meizu device the installation got aborted and threw me a parse error so I decided to import the whole project to android studio and build the apk file from there. After installing the apk from Android Studio the application opens up, but it seems that it has no connection to the Modulus hosting server / Modulus db. Can anyone help and point me out my mistakes which I did? the build command was:
meteor build ../pathToBuild --server serverAdress

So, the only way I’ve been able to install .apk files has been to upload them to Drive and install them from there. I was trying to just copy the .apk files to the sd card, but saw on a couple forums that for some reason, some android devices don’t like that approach. If you can successfully sign your .apk file, try uploading it to google drive and downloading it to your phone from there.

thats the way I transfer the apk files from google drive

Gotcha. Also, try using: meteor build ../pathToBuild --server=http://yourserver.com. For some reason, the meteor build command likes the equals sign…