Help deploying to custom domain on galaxy

I’ve been trying to upload to a custom domain (registered with Google domains).

In my command line I’ve used meteor deploy [] --settings <filepath> and it gave me a success message.

I don’t think I have properly changed the DNS with my domain registrar. This is a screenshot of what I have done:

Am I missing something? Or what have I done incorrectly? Because this is the error I get when I go to

If anyone could help, that would be amazing.

When I follow your FQDN URL I see

404 Not Found: No applications registered for host ''.

so it seems DNS resolves correctly, but Galaxy doesn’t seem to know about your app. May I ask why you put your FQDN in brackets with the deploy command?

Because when using the deploy guide, I took this line meteor deploy [hostname] --settings path-to-settings.json a little too literally.

I tried again removing the brackets, but I don’t think anything has changed.

So I found one error - I had a rather dippy moment and forgot to change the root_URL in the settings. I’ve now removed that and I seem to have made some progress.

Now I have this message in the encryption section (this always came up with an error previously).

But I still don’t see my app at Is it now just a matter of waiting until it goes through (I last updated my settings about an hour ago).