Help Deploying with pm2-meteor to ubuntu server

I have a ubuntu server 16.04 v3

i have used mupx in the past and I thought I would try pm2-meteor.

everything is setup in the config file and everything is installed on the server.

When I try to deploy I get this error:

Building your app and deploying to host machine /[PM2][ERROR] script not found : /home/taylor/portfolio/me/portfolio/me/bundle/main.js

You could try yamup, it uses forever instead of pm2 to launch the app, and works with ubuntu 16:

Hi taylor

Just use mup - its back and works even better than ever, thanks to @zodern

Even has aws-beanstalk as a plugin for automated scaling (I use AWS exclusively, so this was a god-send!)

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I’ve used pm2-meteor for awhile and have been really happy with it, but have to agree with @bradzo that @zodern’s version of mup is the way to go; it’s an awesome piece of work.

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