Help finding better meteor projects examples with E2E testing

Meteor is really great, I’ve built so many prototypes apps although I’m still afraid of using it on production because I have no idea how to properly test it like I can do in Ruby on Rails with all kinds of test, from unit test to E2E tests. My point is that even the examples are outdated like these ones

Does anyone know better examples? Those are still greats although I miss a great project to be based on.
I’d love to find an example with these features: E2E test, React or Svelte and testing library, …
I also think that Meteor like Ruby on Rails should come with E2E test. Any reasons to not?
Cypress is great but it doesn’t offer access to the implementation and multisession.
The documentation offers to use chimp which runs on node 4 :cry:
I actually think that WebDriverIO and Jest with access to the implementation is the best combination

You can check out the sample system I provide to my students called BowFolios, which implements E2E testing using TestCafe:

This section has a link to a 24 minute video walkthrough of how to use TestCafe with Meteor:

And as a bonus, here’s how to set up CI to run the tests automatically using GitHub Actions: