Help! I need Cordova-Ios 5.0

Apple update my xcode to 10.2, because Cordova-Ios 4.54 not supports except Cordova-IOS 5.0 ,so meteor not work now.
so bad my Iphone updateed to 12.2, I also can`t use xcode 10.1 .
who know when i can use meteor 1.9 or Cordova-IOS 5.0 in meteor.

Hi, we ran into the same issues unfortunately… you can download XCode 10.1 from apple’s developer website and build with that. It works. Just download + rename it to eg. Xcode_1.1 and put it into Applications… Then Close XCode every time meteor opens it and open the Project with XCode_1.1.

Make sure you’re in the right directory though, guess who tried to run a local test app from a server build directory a few times until I figured it out… :slight_smile:

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Have you tried Meteor 1.8.1-rc.1?

1.8.1 unfortunately only supported cordova-ios 4.5.5

I was able to make a proper build just by updating the cordova meteor plugin to support swift 4.2

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