Help in getting started with a competition website for students and teachers

I am a novice developer and just started with meteor.

Right now I need all kind of advice in developing a hopefully simple test website for interaction between teachers and students for a small competition. The advice can be for the whole project or parts of project. It can range from simple mentioning of the packages required with our without code example, how to build a table etc., if there exist any similar website and / or code covering similar concepts available on github.

The requirements are as follows:

Teachers publishing their assignments, respective grades / year / class for which the assignment is applicable and the final date of submission.

The assignments can be in a tabular form where specific instructions / questions and their respective categories. For example, a list of questions in one column and corresponding chapters in a course book or a subject like biology.

The students can freely choose one or more assignments.

Once an assignment is chosen by the student, it should be locked for other students or at least some kind of notification that the assignment is already taken.

On completion of assignment, the teacher posting the assignment can choose to hide, delete or mark it as completed.

The teacher who posted the assignment should be able to grade the student from 1 to 5.

The first ten student(s) of each grade getting the highest points at the end of competition will be rewarded with presents.

While the above is the basic requirement, I also wish to add feature of registration by both students and teachers in two different ways a) where they can choose user name, password and give basic information like name and the grade / year they are studying or teaching. b) Using social media like Facebook to get registered directly.