Help in structuring web and mobile app sharing the same database

Hi everyone, i am kindof a newbie with meteor and so far i ve been able to write webapps using responsive css to port them to mobile using meteor cordova so there was nothing to change or update in the ui after building the web app.

Now i have a customer that requires a demo mobile app from me but as i dived into his requirements here is what i could come up with:

the customer has a website handling recrutements(hiring and job findings).i figured i wouldnt have access to his database which is mysql so i have to write two apps.

-1 web app that will serve as the admin which will have its own sets of accounts and that will be able to see all of the registered users from the mobile client app and their datas(CV,pictures,type(company or employee)) and change the employees availability and manage the companies requests(job offers).

-1 mobile client which as of the demo i plan to write using cordova and a framework like onsen and after validation from the customer moving to react native and connect to the server using ddp(the time for me to be fluent in react native).the mobile app should allow users to sign in/register and show different layouts depending if the user is an employee or a company.the employees will be able to send in their datas like a cv and pictures and see in their notification route if they are sollicitated for some interviews.The companies will be able to check the list of currently stored employees see if they are available for work and store in the database their criterias for the jobs request.Both the two types of users will have a notification route telling them if they found a match for their requests.

Sorry for the long post,now here is my question.How can i structure this project? If you guys have already had to face a similar issue using meteor ,could you share with me some of the best practices you used to achieve your end goals?

Thank you all

A little help would be really appreciated :relaxed:

I think its all a long way from having ‘best practice’ with any of this.

I’d consider starting with RN straightaway - based on Spencer Carli’s work and here

and perhaps look into Apollo for the MYSQL data reqs.

all bleeding edge…but go through the pain now, rather than later is my philosophy.
Bu then I dont have clients :slight_smile:

Much appreciated Pal…im going the RN route this week to wrap my head around it…and learn redux in the meantime and check out Apollo…ill deal with the clients …thanks :grin:

Your welcome.

I’m going down the RN/React/Apollo route too on my current project…after having dabbled with Fuse/ionic/… and taken on board comments by MDG team that Cordova/Meteor won’t be getting much future love

Not to deny other choices, but this seems the best way forward in every respect for the next 6-12 months (which is for ever in JS land)…if only for Apollo :slight_smile:

indeed it seems the future is now apollo as a data stack…a quick question, i have to learn graphql and relay to understand apollo? or i can simply learn redux only?

Apollo abstracts Redux but can be used on Rdx projects - the concepts/patterns are crucial.
GQL can be learnt over a coffee.
The last link on Apollo docs has something perhaps quite relevant to your project

In fact Abhi Aiyer’s github and medium are great help and I’m very grateful for them.

Thanks pal ill learn the redux concepts after react native and get my hands dirty with apollo…this should get me started on my app.thanks for your time PAL

This will help

Bumping this myself now as I;d be keen on heaiing other solutions/thoughts :slight_smile:

anyways ill try to figure this out in the meantime.