Help Loading CSS & JSS to a Specific Template Layout



I have an admin panel , that uses it’s own layout. I am having issues where the front end of the application 's css will spill over to the admin panel, sometimes altering or changing the look and feel. Is there any known way to load the styling for the Front End, or site so that it doesn’t enter into the admin’s layout ?


Maybe this helps?

I haven’t tried it though.


You can’t use helpers in <head> so that solution wouldn’t work.

I sometimes wish that there were a way to tie templates and css files together a bit closer without having to wrap a template with a class. I always structure my client code with the template, js and css in its own sub directory in the client folder. It makes it easy for me to find and modify. I have a global client folder which is where I put all global styles. So within the client folders I only have CSS relevant to that template (not usually a lot in there).