Help me...! Different interfaces based on devices?


Hey community,

due to lack of a good platform i moved this question back though i’m thinking about it for quite some while. As i lost patience a few days ago i already asked it on Quora but didn’t gain so much attraction there.

My question is: What is your best way to have completely different interfaces on for example smartphones compared to the interface you serve to the desktop browsers.

I mean of course we could do Responsive design which is great for websites. This works most of the time for iPads but especially as we have the wonderful Cordova - that helps a lot to come very close to native apps - having a more native-style interface would be helpful. Therefore or Ionic are great starters but then you still want to have like for example a completely self built or bootstrap/semantic-ui based classical website.

DId you do such thing already? What is the best way to approach this? Have two Meteor apps connect to the same database is probably a thing that could work but then you would have to double your complete application logic. Only using Meteor.is_Cordova in conditionals would probably clutter your code? As far as i know so far there’s no folder-based solution like with /client and /server, right?

So what would you guys say would be the way to go? I’d especially keen to hear what @sashko and @slava would throw in here but of course also the rest of the community.

Thanks in advance for your input.