Help me find a certain sample/demo app?

This is probably a stretch, and a ridiculous first post… but I’m hoping my description might jog someone’s memory:

I’m very new to Meteor, so have been scavenging various resources and bookmarking for future consumption. Last night or possibly the night before… I came across what I believe was a sample/demo app, presumably which had downloadable code.

I honestly don’t remember what it did… but I do remember that it had nicely styled “tags” in a column on the right side, each with a word inside them. They may have been representing “interests” or something. I vaguely recall that they were orange, and they had the usual “x” inside the tag so the user could delete them individually.

I’m planning to build an app that has a feature where it’s possible to add a list of “interests” to a profile, and I’m considering having them to show up as a group of tags just like that sample/demo app had, so I was excited to find it, hoping it might provide some ideas about implementation.

Like an idiot… I somehow didn’t bookmark it, and now I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it. It’s making me think maybe it was one of the (pre meteor 1.3) sample apps, and I thought I could just come back here to the meteor site and find it in the left sidebar.

As I mentioned… long shot… but if you’ve ever come across a sample/demo app that had [orange, I think] tags in a column on the right side… please let me know, lol.

I promise my next post won’t be so ridiculous.

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Please start here

and go through ALL the 12 steps in linear order as given. However, good luck to finding your sample/demo app…

This should be recoverable from your browser history I would think. :slight_smile:

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Such a great idea! I never use history because I’m generally so good at bookmarking everything I need.

Sadly… went through them all in IE and Chrome with no luck.

I’m honestly starting to think I dreamed it!