Help on Mobile UI, please

Hi guys, i’m on a big project and I really need to make things work… I’m losing my mind on this and almost giving up

My problem is with the user interface on mobile.

  1. Meteoric works fine, but I really need to make this app to have a modern look, with material design, nice transtitions and stuff like this…
  2. I think material design is really cool so I tried materializeCSS but it LAGS A LOT on the real device (Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos G355M Dual Chip Android 4.4). Especially on transitions and Ink effects

3 . I tried material design lite but it lacks a lot of features like lists with avatars, etc. Also there is no useraccounts:material-lite and autoforms:lite… and i’m not really able/have time to do this.

4 . Tried polymer, also lags

My next step is to try Famous, it has cool transitions and effects and also says that does not lag even on mobile so it seems like the best option.

Can I mix some material stuff with Famous to get a nice looking and 60FPS transitions?
Do you guys have any tips for me?


This is probably not the answer that your looking for, but I just figure I would throw it out there.

From a few different places on the net recently, I have heard that it’s almost a lost cause to try and use “web tech” to get solid and smooth apps. This is exactly why Facebook released React Native this year. Web tech can get you part of the way there, and in many cases, it can work just fine. On the other hand, you might just have to build native apps which share the same look and feel as your web app.