HELP: Opensource development (Atomic Blog)

Hello everyone,

My name is Robert, a while ago I started working on a project called Atomic, an open source blogging application built with Meteor.

Currently I am under a heavy work load so I cannot work full time on the project as much as I would like so I am wondering if there are any fairly competent developers that want to help continue the project.

The source code is located here:

The application has been designed around the package based development approach with the goal of being able to use most of the packages independently.

Take a look at the source code and pull it down and fire it up via meteor run, if your interested in help pushing this project forward then please feel free to inbox me or drop a reply below.

Apart from the general unfinished areas of code I think the core areas of work are:

Administration UI/UX and functionality
Frontend UI/UX and functionality
Media System (Upload, Download, Thumbnails, Storage Interfaces)

Thanks in advance, I hope we can get some more life into this project.

Peace :]

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