Help: Package Error

I just installed mizzao:sharejs-codemirror into my project, immediately after which, the application crashed

I didn’t change any line of code nor add any code to my application, please, what am I missing…?

What error are you getting?

Looks like an error on this line:

My guess is that when it was last published, the default behaviour was for the client to use pre-transpiled code, and so this const would become a var and not have this issue, where now the raw source is used for more efficient bundling.

It also appears to depend on a fork of share-js which doesn’t exist anymore:

You could fix this with local copies of the relevant packages, (by adding a local copy to the /packages folder of your app)

But I’d be wary that there’s probably a bunch of other issues hiding in this old package

thank you, I really appreciate