HELP; production login down after update

Hi everybody,

2 days ago, I updated my Meteor app (on Galaxy). Since then, logging in seems impossible :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I updated the database at the same time to 5, and it seems Meteor 2.0 does not support that, but a full restore to version 4.4 does not solve the issue.

I can see in the db that my user logs in (updated record in users) but the client does not recieve this. It could be that this is a websocket issue, but I’m not sure how to debug/resolve this. I am trying to resolve this with the help from Galaxy, but they do not have a solution at the moment…
I’m getting kind of desperate here, as I need this app back online dec 29 at the latetest…

Anybody had any pointers as to how to resolve this?

Thanks for any insights,


What kind of a login are you talking about? OAuth, password, passwordless?

Hi @storyteller, just a normal login with a username/password combination. I do get some kind of error regarding the websockets, but I cannot make heads nor tail from it.

(WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.)

SSL is enabled and seems to be working. The only thing not working (as far as I can tell) is the login :frowning:

Strange, I got this in development when I mess things up with multiple server restarts and general mess. Restarting the server and refreshing the client usually works (in worst case clearing all the cache for the website).

Yeah, strange indeed. I’ve updated to Galaxy multiple times by now, so restarting cannot be the issue :slight_smile:

I’ve reset the caches of several browsers till they went blue in the face, but all give the same error…

Thanks for your replies, anyway! Any more pointers I could look in to?


Can you start the same project locally with the production flag and see if you can reproduce the problem on your development station. If yes, it is easier to debug it there. Also read the of Meteor and see what were the changes from your old version to your new version.

Turned out, the update to version 5 was a mistake. Although no errors where visible, this was indeed the problem. (Why this would lead to a socket-error, is still a mistery to me…!)
I got it working now, so I can sleep well tonight.

Thanks for your answers/time!