Help removing T9n package

The package softwarerero:accounts-t9n takes up ~180Kb. I found this thread talking about removing it -

I then cloned into packages, so now I have


I read that Meteor is supposed to use local version of the package if found. When I run I get this error -

=> Errors prevented startup:

While selecting package versions:
error: Conflict: Constraint softwarerero:accounts-t9n@1.3.3 is not satisfied by softwarerero:accounts-t9n 2.0.2.
Constraints on package “softwarerero:accounts-t9n”:

  • softwarerero:accounts-t9n@2.0.2 <- top level
  • softwarerero:accounts-t9n@=2.0.2 <- top level
  • softwarerero:accounts-t9n@1.3.3 <- useraccounts:core 1.14.2

So how do I fix this?

You could always just create a new meteor project.

I do that once and a while to fix problems like this, and to clean everything else up from development.

That is bc useraccounts-core depends on a different version of accounts-t9n (1.3.3) than your local one (2.0.2). The fix is to clone useraccount-core as well and bump the dependency version to your local one.


Just implement the accounts templates yourself, I promise you, it’s easy and you get rid of the clunky useraccounts packages.

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This won’t help with useraccounts:core but if you use accounts-t9n for translations since version 2.0.0 you can import only the translation files you need if you are using the npm package. So if you for example use English and German, those language files together with the translation core weigh about 15K (uncompressed).

I didn’t want to clone useraccounts. I fixed this by hacking the version reported by package.js in the cloned T9n package.

How does Meteor implement semver matching rules and is there a way to override them?

I did just that and I am quite happy)