Help take Meteor mainstream

by getting a Meteor app to the top of Product Hunt today? :pray::pray: upvote & tell your friends? :smile:

Would also appreciate the RT :slight_smile:


Nice, Good luck !

Question: What did you use in the front end ?

Thank you!

Blaze! In Cordova. Some ionic, mostly custom CSS. Would like to rewrite in React Native at some point :slight_smile:

Good results for a custom UI !
Why not Ionic 2 ? Angular2 is very nice to use and Ionic2 is way more performant than Ionic 1 and feels almost native.
Check this (complete tutorial for a complete app in Meteor and Angular2) :

People seem to forget Angular2, which I find way more clean and usable than React, especially with Typescript and it integrates very well with Meteor.

Just used Meteoric because it was the quickest thing to use available at the time. Thanks, Ionic 2 looks nice, especially the Android support. Depending on how much Angular you’d have to do, might be a good intermediate step before React Native.