Help test release candidates for Meteor 1.0.4!


We’re starting to prepare to release Meteor 1.0.4!

The first RC is 1.0.4-rc.0. Update to the release candidate with: meteor update --release 1.0.4-rc.0.

Read the release notes to learn what’s new in this release. Highlights: MongoDB 2.6, a host of mongo-related bugfixes and optimizations, template-level subscriptions, DDP compression, Cordova upgrades, and more!

Feedback should be provided on the release issue on GitHub.


So excited about this one!


I tried with couple of apps and they are working pretty okay.

If anyone using Kadira try to update to the latest version. I fixed some potential issues last week which breaks this release.


The list of changes is enormous. A good small features/maintenance release.


Cordova has been updated which is awesome, but crosswalk still can’t compile with 1.0.4.


@crapthings I don’t know what crosswalk is. Is this a regression in 1.0.4?


@glasser we don’t officially support compilations with crosswalk, because getting everything to compile is a case of luck to have the correctly setup environment.

To help the community to use Crosswalk I wrote up a tutorial here. It worked on my machine, but even older version was reported to be hard to compile (no one understands the compilation errors, when they happen).

In this release’s Cordova Update we didn’t make any changes that would break the compilation with the Crosswalk.


Include the Crosswalk Project web runtime with your hybrid Android or Cordova / PhoneGap app, and users will consistently see it through a predictable, powerful WebView based on Google Chromium.


@slava I’ve followed that tut on hackpad, but still no luck.
tried crosswalk 8.x ~ 13.x.

it seems like meteor is bundle all base plugins, but after replace files under crosswalk/frame folder then ant debug, it can’t find those plugins.


Is there a reason the project is not compliant with semver? Just curious, as this tag doesn’t do the changelog justice!


Just updated 1 production app and some hobby/weekend projects
all of them went fine.

common packages that I use:

all of them work fine with 1.0.4 for me

Good work!


Can you please explain?


Seems like this should be a minor version bump to 1.1.0 given the new functionality if basing the versioning on Semver. These changes could easily be missed thinking the update is just patching bugs, which would be a shame given the great new capabilities


I think meteor releases does not follow semver. We talked it about it before. May be someone can refer the original thread.


Yeah, my understanding is the following for Meteor releases:

  • bump the the third number for bug fixes and minor features
  • bump the second number for big big features (Blaze, packaging, Windows support, etc)
  • bump the first number for 1.0.0 and future backwards-incompatible changes
  • bump the fourth number when fixing a bug introduced during the release process or a security patch


Tested out on a project, no issues to report.


wow! this is great! more power to meteor!


I’m sure this has been beaten to death in the other thread, so I’ll leave it alone :smile: Thanks for the outline though


Oooo… My bug’s been fixed, goody! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not sure if expected behavior, but this:

Template.Products.rendered = function () {
  self.subscribe("productsList", Session.get('query'));

Is not being reactive to me. It should be? I’m doing this to use it for now:

Template.Products.rendered = function () {
  var self = this;
 Tracker.autorun( function () {
   var query = Session.get('query');
   self.subscribe("productsList", Session.get('query'));