Help test release candidates for Meteor 1.0.5 (Facebook graph API update)!

We’re starting to prepare to release Meteor 1.0.5!

The first RC is 1.0.5-rc.0. Update to the release candidate with: meteor update --release 1.0.5-rc.0.

Read the release notes to learn what’s new in this release.

This release contains only one change not in an upgrade to the facebook package to use a version of their Graph API that will not be deprecated at the end of April. If you do not use the facebook package (perhaps via accounts-facebook), this release will not affect you. If you only use Facebook for login (and don’t use the Facebook API directly), you will not have to change any code after taking this upgrade. If you use the Facebook API directly, you may need to ask for different permissions. More information is at

Feedback should be provided on the release issue on GitHub.

Or possibly 1.0.5? :wink: