Help - Testing Framework

Hi Guys,

I’m stuck trying to get the “meteor mike:mocha” testing framework to work.

On the course it suggests running “meteor add mike:mocha” which I did and it installs OK, then when I try to restart the site on the console I get:

“Exception in delivering result of invoking ‘mirrorInfo’: ReferenceError: Session is not defined”

Do I need to install anything else?




I wouldn’t suggest using the mike:mocha package now that Meteor 1.3 is here (the course you’re following is a bit out of date unfortunately). Read over the Testing section of the Guide for a breakdown of the new testing approaches to follow. If you’re interested in using Mocha for example, look into using the practicalmeteor:mocha package (see the Running unit tests section for details on how to use it with the new meteor test functionality).

Thanks, that worked now I need to understand it :blush: